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The Republican party was united in 1854 by the promise to abolish slavery. We stand for freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. Today, as those principles come under attack from the left, we are engaged in a national effort to fight for our agenda that worked in the Trump administration and take our message to every American. We will grow the party, promote election integrity, and elect Republicans up and down the ballot. The principles of the Republican Party recognize the God-given liberties while promoting opportunity for every American.

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Republican Party of Minnesota
Senate District 49
Convention Agenda
March 5, 2023

1.     Call to Order

2.     Invocation

3.     Pledge of Allegiance

4.     Reading of the Official Convention Call

5.     Election of Temporary Chair

6.     Motion to Approve Agenda, as posted *

7.     Announcements, introduction of guests, and recognitions **

8.     Motion Authorizing Temporary Chair to Appoint Secretary, Parliamentarian, Sergeant at Arms, Timekeeper, and Tellers

9.     Motion Authorizing and Approving Convention Committees (Credentials, Bylaws, Rules, and Nominations/Search Committees)

10.  Preliminary Report of the Credentials Committee

11.  Declaration of a Quorum

12.  Motion to make Temporary Organization Permanent

13.  Report of the Rules Committee: Agenda, and Seating of Delegates and Alternates

14.  Filling of Vacancies in the Delegations (seating of alternates)

15.  Final Report of the Credentials Committee

16.  Report of the Bylaws Committee (review of suggested changes)

17.  Motion to approve Bylaws Changes, as posted

18.  Treasurer’s Report

19.  Report of the Nominations/Search Committee (presentation of candidates)

20.  Election of Executive Committee Members by vote

21.  Election of State Central Committee Members by vote

22.  Other Business

23.  Adjournment


* Resolutions may be considered at any time during the convention when there is not another actively debated motion under consideration but only voted on by Congressional Delegations.

** Announcements and introduction of guests may take place throughout the convention at the discretion of the convention chair per convention rules.


Convention Officials and Committees


Convention Officials

Chair:                                   Daniel Nadeau

Secretary:                              Michelle Wahlen              

Parliamentarian:                 Howard Fiedler

Chief Election Judge:         Norm Olafson

Timekeeper:                          Jean Miller




Rules Committee

    Chair:  Michelle Wahlen


By-Laws Committee (Odds years only)

Chair:  Michelle Wahlen


Registration/Credentials Committee

Chair: Ken Zigrino


Nominating/Search Committee

Chair: Ellen Cousins

                Bill Hoag